Lookback Jobs

Simple, powerful user research

Take research beyond the lab. Interview and record the face, screen and voice of anyone, anywhere in the world. Easily send a self-test to anyone you’d like. Participants can test on their own time in their natural context. Replace your lab with Lookback. No more cameras, hard drives and futzing with footage. Lookback is instant, automatic and nearly magical.


Customer Support & Internal Admin


  • Stock options
  • Insurance for yourself & dependents
  • 30 days of paid time off + national holidays
  • Retreats
  • Competitive salary

Type: Full-Time

Salary: N/A


  • Past experience of being an office manager, executive assistant, customer support representative at a B2B startup
  • Experience working in a remote team or in a team with remote employees
  • Lots of experience in written communication
  • You love traveling
  • You believe technology has the ability to be a great force of good for humanity, and want to contribute to that movement.

Location: US, Europe